Picture this:
Dream clients finding YOU – instead of having to chase ‘em like a lioness who needs to feed hungry cubs
Profits and sales numbers as high as the heels on your fave pair of party shoes
Knowing once and for all what distinguishes you and your business from the masses
A padded bank account, consistent cash flow and best of all, a business you’re inspired and excited to show off!

I’m here to tell you: It’s all possible, gorgeous.

I’ve worked with brands big and small – from solopreneurs to celebrities to major corporations – over the years, and today I use everything I’ve learned to help womenpreneurs and small businesses lacking clarity and motivation, decipher, develop and distinguish their brand identities – and create exciting, first-class brand experiences with total authenticity.  

Because brand clarity in business is everything.


Nail your branding and you can transform your business dream into a

beautiful, money-making reality that sends shivers down your spine and      

makes you excited to jump outta bed in the morning. 

So if you’re:

  • Almost ready to throw in the (monogrammed) towel because your dream biz and life still seems so far off

  • Unsure where to even find clients – let alone attract them with ease

  • Struggling with incongruence between your current biz and who you really are

  • Spending way too many late nights scouring online for a “done-for-you” resource to help boost sales – before it’s too late

  • Confused about what differentiates you from everybody else in your niche

  • Buried in distractions (ahem, Facebook groups, networking events, unnecessary meetings) and hoping your problems will magically resolve themselves

 Come on in. It’s time to Be Brand Brilliant.

solid website backgrounds.png

What do your sky-high sales and profits, off-the-charts website traffic and (gorgeously) empty shelves in your shop have in common?

They’re all a result of branding...brilliantly. ;)

I help female business owners decipher, develop and distinguish their brand identity and create exciting, first-class brand experiences – with authenticity.

Here’s what I know: Every business problem from sad (or shrinking) sales to clients who just don’t gel (instead of ones who you’d love to take out for a drink), can be traced back to branding – or a lack thereof.

And here’s what else I know: Branding isn’t just about a sexy logo or a gorgeous website or a cute biz card (although I love all of those things!)

Branding is about the marrying of the visual with the non-visual. It’s about the way your business makes your clients feel. And it’s about everything from what services you offer to your customer experience to the fonts you use.

And once you’ve got your brand figured out, everything else just falls into place.

That’s where I come in.

I believe every woman entrepreneur should feel excited about her business and inspired to show it off.  So? I help my clients with top-to-toe brand strategies that not only lead to more consistency, clients and cash in their businesses, but that match their personalities, too.  I’m able to quickly and easily ‘see’ what a brand (and person) are all about, and empower my clients to take major action in their businesses. 


So, I know there are tons of biz coaches out there, but why am I the best (dressed) for the job?

Avril Oliver
  • I’m a seasoned business woman. I’ve managed major corporate and celebrity brands (I even had a stint on Wall Street) and launched my own award-winning bricks & mortar local biz from the ground up. Oh, and then I sauntered out on my own and never looked back. Big or small, I know how to brand it.
  • I get stuff done (and I’ll help you get it done, too). I’m naturally high on life (seriously - I don’t even need caffeine most days!).  I’m lightning fast and I immediately ‘get’ my clients and their businesses and provide detailed solutions fast. I’ve also been told my infectious, get-it-done energy inspires my clients to become major action takers, too - so it’s a win for everybody!
  • I’ve got an eye for (brand) style. I’m a visual person who instantly knows what works and what doesn’t. I know details matter and I strive to create brands with the craftsmanship and eye for detail of a couture designer.
  • I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I believe YOU are your own expert when it comes to your business, and every time I work with a new client, I like to think of it as a highly collaborative partnership. I absolutely love empowering others to make big changes and revolutionize the way they show up in the world.

Are you ready to Be Brand Brilliant? Check out the exciting ways we can create a first-class brand experience for your business here.


Avril is amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm is completely contagious. She completely understood me, my business and my brand right away and was able to give clear and actionable suggestions that will immensely help to grow my business. Thank you!

—CH, London


Thanks so much for our session today. You clearly know your stuff! It was really useful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You helped give me some focus on what direction I want to take my business in and advice on what steps to take next. I feel                     inspired and excited about moving forward with it.


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Giving back isn’t just a part of my business model, it’s part of who I am.

You know what makes me deliriously happy?

The fact that every single day I get to wake up and spend my time helping other business owners make their dreams come true. I feel like it’s my calling on this planet to serve others, and I couldn’t be more delighted that I get to give my gifts in the way I do.

In fact, I don’t believe you can ever “give” too much, that's why when you invest in your success and purchase any of my online training you will be helping another woman change her life through Women for Women International.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped nearly 420,000 marginalised women in countries affected by war and conflict. Working directly with women in 8 countries from Afghanistan to South Sudan, their year-long training programme offers support, tools, and access to life-changing skills to help women survivors of war move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. Find out more: